Thursday, January 31, 2008

LaPorta and Parra in Law's Top 100

Keith Law posted ESPN's Top 100 MLB prospects on his blog today. The Brewers only had two players make the Top 100, Matt LaPorta and Manny Parra. It was interesting that LaPorta, number #37 on the list, checked in ahead of Parra, who made #41. Everyone is scared about all the injuries Parra has had in the last few years, as he has a long delivery with a lot of effort involved, but I believe working with Mike Maddux will straighten out his delivery a bit.

Law also ranked the Top 5 prospects of every organization:

1) Matt LaPorta
2) Manny Parra
3) Alcides Escobar
4) Angel Salome
5) Jeremy Jeffress

Anyone want to take a guess as to who had the most players in the Top 100? Answer: The Tampa Bay Rays. They are absolutely STACKED in their farm system with Evan Longoria, Wade Davis, and David Price. I suppose your farm system should have loads of talent if you get the first pick every year. With their payroll, they will not be able to keep all those studs for too long. They could have the look of the Brewers in a few years. It's too bad that the Rays are stuck in the AL East, because they are quietly putting together a very solid team that would compete in most other divisions.

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